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About The Project

@MINDSET is an Erasmus+ European funded project. The objective of the @MINDSET project is to actively support diversity management within education settings, by equipping teachers with the appropriate tools to deal with diversity issues, while better encouraging students to become active citizens and empathizing adults. The project will identify the most common types of diversity in the school environment and develop on one hand the tools for the teachers to better manage it within the classroom and the school in general. While on the other promote the issue of diversity and what it entails within society for pupils and help them embrace it.

What is the Aim of @MINDSET PROJECT?

The project will facilitate communication between European countries and develop a variety of tools to support teachers in managing diversity in the classroom.  The partner organisations will research diversity in their countries, and collaboratively develop:


  • A diversity management course for teachers

  • A diversity management toolkit for teachers

  • An instructive manual for teachers

  • Adaption of these to an e-learning course that will then be freely available

  • Scientific Articles

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